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Global Hub for Land Restoration Data

The G20 Global Land Initiative’s Global Restoration Information Hub consolidates and shares land restoration data, global commitments, legislations and global community practices from all public sources on a single platform.

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Global Restoration Commitments (ha): Global Restoration Commitments (ha):


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Countries worldwide are pledging to restore degraded lands through initiatives like the Bonn Challenge and UNCCD’s Land Degradation Neutrality. Our hub tracks these pledges, using data from the “Global Restoration Commitments Database” by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Nations committed to reducing land degradation show a unified effort to preserve our planet, prioritize sustainable land management, and ensure a greener future. Explore the data, witness the progress, and join the global mission to restore our lands.

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Community Practices

Locally appropriate approaches that are community driven have been instrumental in land restoration projects around the world. Here, the information hub presents some of the best practices from various communities from around the world.

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Legislations and

Explore how regional legislative initiatives shape land restoration efforts worldwide and how successful restoration initiatives had crucial legislative support as backbone.

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Large scale restoration necessitates visionary leaders, qualified experts & skilled workforce. The platform aids with content in providing training insights from various training programmes organised by the G20 Land Initiative and others.

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Seeing is believing

The video archive of the platform has a plethora of documentations of land restoration from around the world. They are vividly placed in the library with relevant summaries for easy access by the stakeholders.

Restoration Actors Worldwide

Land restoration has been gathering momentum over the past decade. The UN decade on Ecosystem Restoration has brought together many actors to collectively work towards ecosystem restoration. We present the list of various restoration actors from around the world.

Other Databases

There are many global and regional databases that provide information related to land restorations.
This platform brings together some important databases along with their relevant summaries.